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Second Time Around

I am an avid blog follower and love social media (Instagram is my social channel of choice!) I enjoy reading other people’s stories about life, health, wealth and more. I even love seeing cute photos of puppies and other furry friends. I have followed women as they progress through their careers and life stages, like getting married, having a family, moving and more.

The challenge for me is that I am well into my career, and am an empty nester. My two daughters are grown and successfully navigating life on their own. I am not a former model or influencer or have been in, what I would consider, a high-profile career. I do not see many women like me out there. By “like me,” I mean women in my age range or season of life. There are some, for sure. I just think we can use more. Don’t get me wrong. Can I learn and apply what I read on a blog post by someone in his or her 30’s? You bet. Can I apply and learn what I see on an Instagram post from a young mom that I can apply to my life? You bet.

Young women – and men – have provided a new set of eyes on the world and opened mine. I think I can do the same for others. I don’t think age has anything to do with wanting to learn and grow. You just need to be open to seeking out new ways of looking at things and being committed to applying what you've learned.

But the truth is there are some aspects of my life that are unique to my age – like staying healthy, keeping fit. I can’t eat or workout like I used to! My metabolism has – and will – continue to change. And, my body has changed as a result, and my fashion choices have changed, too. I want to connect with others who are experiencing the same.

The bottom line…

Life is good. My life experiences are many. I have learned a lot over the years and have a number of stories to share. I plan to share them here on this corner of the digital world. What I have gained from my experiences has made me a better person and wanting for more out of my life. I want to have meaningful work, have a purpose for my life and contribute in some small way. I may be near the end of my current work-life but it’s not the end. This is A Fresh Season for me and I’m ready to start something new. This blog is a start for me. I am not sure where it will take me but excited for the adventure. I might be a late bloomer here but that’s OK. Better late than never, right?

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