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2019: Best Year Yet

2019: Best Year Yet

As part of my health and wellness routine, I receive nutrition consulting from one of my trainers, Jared Ring. Jared is one of the most insightful individuals I know. He is what I would call “an old soul” but he isn’t old by any means.

I have been working out at Erin Cantrell Fitness for over a year (I started in August 2017). When I started, I cited that I wanted to:

  • Lose some unexplained weight
  • Build strength
  • Maintain a sharp mind,
  • Feel better overall

I learned at my consultation that my near-daily cardio habit wasn’t enough. Building muscle would help jumpstart my metabolism to help my body burn calories more efficiently, increase my strength, reduce injury -- which is important as we get older --and improve my overall health.

When I look back at the last 18 months,  it has not been easy. I have sweated like no other, nursed sore muscles, fought back fear as I was pushed to new levels and battled feelings of not wanting to show up.  Trust me when I say, I worked my butt off!

What made me keep moving forward?

First, I scheduled my workouts into my calendar. I finally made the time. I wanted to make working out a habit. I didn’t want to have to think about. Being on my calendar helped build this healthy habit. Second, every week I felt different. I felt better. I felt stronger. It was the fuel that propelled me forward. It has all been worth it, and I feel like I have crushed my initial goals.  High five!

In my last session with Jared, he suggested that it was time to move on and establish new goals. And, I agree. Just because I have reached these goals, it does not mean it’s time to rest on my laurels. I want to get to the next level. My newfound strength and confidence have me wanting more from my life!
After 18 months of working with a personal trainer, my newfound strength and confidence have me wanting more from my life in more ways than I could have imagined.

Building muscle mass = Increased strength + better weight control + more energy and stamina + better sleep + improved quality of life 

Where am I headed in 2019? I plan to keep working at not only my health but other parts of my life, too. I want this year to be my best year yet. Not that 2018 wasn’t good – it was. But I always want to strive to be better than the year before.

Here’s my top five for 2019:

  1. Launch A Fresh Season blog
  2. Build good, healthy habits (i.e. balanced nutrition, morning ritual, efficient daily planning and more)
  3. Begin yoga practice
  4. Continue to build strength, with a focus on stability and balance
  5. Be fearless!  

Where are you headed in 2019? Share your goals and inspire others!

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Hello, everyone! I’m Carrie. I am a Mom to two great women who are grown, gone and living successful lives, each in their own way. I’m a wife and grandma-to-be (can’t wait!). My husband and I are condo dwellers living in Michigan. I’m a health and wellness enthusiast, late bloomer and storyteller. Here’s the rest of my story…