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Traveling the World is My Job

Traveling the World is My Job

When I started this blog, I didn’t plan to talk about my current job. I don’t know why exactly. I guess as I approached A Fresh Season in my life I needed to start to separate myself from work that has defined me for the past 13+ years. I have found that my travels have helped me grow into the person I am today and not talking about it cuts off a huge part of my life -- and me!

So here goes…

I manage Michigan Alumni Travel, an educational group travel program at the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan. Our groups are made up of alumni, family and friends. It is -- and will be -- the best job EVER! Through my work, I have traveled to some amazing places. I’ll share some of my favorite destinations along the way and share how it has helped me change my views about our world and its people. It has been quite a ride!

For now, I’ll leave you with my top five places I’ve visited:

  1. Egypt: A place where sculptures, villages, and history just seem to appear from the sand.

  2. Tanzania: The wildlife here is amazing, as are the people. A must see on my list.

  3. Turkey: Where the East and West meet -- literally. Fascinating country.

  4. Italy: Need I say more? The food, wine, landscapes, architecture, history are just a few reasons to visit.

  5. Alaska: This is one BIG state! It’s pristine, rustic and wonderful all at the same time. If you go to one place in the United States, go here.

Bottom line: My work has defined me for a good number of years but since it also has shaped me in more ways that I could have imagined, I feel the need to share some of my experiences. Stay tuned!

What trips are on your bucket list or have been life-changing for you?

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