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Workout Blues

Workout Blues

Friday is a day that I workout with my trainer, Jared, and I have to admit, I’m not wildly excited to work out today. Most days, I look forward to ending the week with a good sweat! I feel like I’m ready to tackle the weekend.

In my health and wellness journey, there are days where I feel like I can fly on a run and pump iron like Hercules and yet others where I feel like I have lead in my shoes. I can’t seem to get motivated to get up and get out the door.

How do you combat the workout blues? Here are a few things I do:

  • Go exercise anyway: Working with a trainer is motivation. It holds me accountable to show up and put forth the effort. However, even on days when I struggle to get out the door, I remind myself how I might feel if I don’t go. It often outweighs my decision to stay home and binge watch Tidying Up.
  • Support a good habit: Working out – regardless of how you feel – is a good habit and one that I have spent time (and money) to build. For me, this is motivation, too. In addition, it helps build strength and resolve, which has carried over to other parts of my life – like building a budget at work (yuck!).
  • Ask for help: When I have the workout blues, I often will tell my trainer. He often will help me reframe my outlook. Recently, he urged me to start my workout by doing some deep breathing. While warming up, we cited things that I was grateful for – my strong legs, my awesome arms, my eyes to see  – that kind of thing. It may sound silly but it works. A little gratefulness goes a long way, believe me.
  • Rewards: I like rewards! Today, I stopped and got my favorite coffee from Einstein Bros. Bagels – Vanilla Hazelnut. I have been trying to cut back on buying coffee out (the cost adds up!) but it was worth it this morning. I felt like I was getting a treat.

Bottom Line: Don’t give up.  It’s just hard sometimes. Regardless of how I feel, I try to find the energy to show up – even if I only jog one mile or make it through one set of weights. It may not be my best workout, but I’m going to give it my best and not beat myself up if I struggle or cut my workout short. Once I’m done, I know I’ll feel differently. It’s OK to take a break and recharge if needed. Let your body and mind be your guide. But these moments of struggle I find a bit of courage and resilience I didn’t know I had.

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